COSORI 7-in-1 Mini Electric Pressure Cooker, 2 Litre/720W, Programmable Multifunctional Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, Food Steamer and Yogurt Maker with Glass Lid, Extra Sealing Ring and Recipe Book

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The Cosori Mini pressure cooker is designed for small households for easy storage and perfect for newlyweds, working professionals, students, and small families for up to 2-3 people; Easy to use and take for travelling & camping to save time, energy and leftovers at home and outside; Replaces 7…

3 reviews for "COSORI 7-in-1 Mini Electric Pressure Cooker, 2 Litre/720W, Programmable Multifunctional Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, Food Steamer and Yogurt Maker with Glass Lid, Extra Sealing Ring and Recipe Book"

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    This cooker would be great for two or three people and is the perfect size for me and is in use nearly every day, if you have more than three in your family I recommend that you get a bigger version.I have used pressure cookers, both manual and electric, for over 50 years now and am very familiar with their use. I have had this one for nearly two months now so have had chance to give it a good try.This one is by far better than my last electric one which had a non-stick pan which didn’t last long. How I wish it had been a stainless steel one like this.It has many settings, I won’t list them all here but The main ones I use are stew, soup, steam, yoghurt and I have tried the bake function once up to now. I don’t cook rice but I am sure it will be just as good for rice as it is for all the other things I have madeIt comes with a really good instruction book, a glossy recipe book, a steaming rack, a glass lid for slow cooking and sauté, and a couple of utensilsA couple of instructions were not clear so I will go over them hereYoghurt function, no recipe supplied so being a founder member of the bung it all in club, I decided to just put some milk in with some natural yoghurt well mixed in. I put it on the yoghurt setting and went to bed. When I got up I had a look. Perfect yoghurt, I didn’t know which lid to put on but figured it wouldn’t matter as it was a low heat and decided on the glass lid provided. I will always use the glass lid now but as I said the instructions were not clear for this.Bake function. Not much about this in the instructions and the only recipe in the book for the bake function was for cheesecake so to test it I decided to do a bit of bread. According to my bung it all in philosophy I mixed flour, yeast, a glug of olive oil and water with the salt and sugar advised on the yeast packet. I didn’t have any strong flour left in the house so I used ordinary flour, It would have been better with strong flour but it was only and experiment. After a lot of kneading (by machine) I put half in this cooker and half in a loaf tin for the oven and left them to rise. I then put it straight onto the bake function and put the other half in the oven. The one in the pot came out like a large thick oven bottom muffin, I turned it over for the last ten minutes and the one in the oven looked like a regular loaf. Both tasted exactly the same, I could not tell the difference so my conclusion is that the bake function works well but maybe not for things that need long and slowOther functions are too numerous to mentionI have photos of the gammon that I cooked for 55 mins. on stew setting (you could get away with less time but I like it really soft), a pea and ham soup made from left over gammon and the water it was cooked in and stew and dumplings(dumplings didn’t come out as fluffy as I would have liked but still tasted good) I have since repeated the stew and dumplings with new baking powder and they came up as light and fluffy as usualI’ll try and put the photos on to give you an idea what to expect. Oh, I’ve got a photo of the loaf come oven bottom muffin as well, I’ll try and put that on. Remember these are just snapshots taken with my tablet, nothing fancy but it all tasted goodIn conclusion I would say it’s a good buy for the money. Personally I don’t know how I managed without it

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    It could have been a 5 stars, the build feel solid the functions it offers and the adjustability, the accesories that come with it are far better than what is on off from other makes. It just cooks with a feirce heat and it is not regulated very well, it cooks far too hot and burns almost everything that comes into contat with the bottom of the pan. It even burns on the suate function and the slow cooker mode boils, bubbles and spits violently unlike a crockpot. I may have a faulty unit that can’t regulate heating element. If it wasn’t for this I would give it the full 5 stars.Its the perfect size for 2 or one hungry person, forget the books that come with it they are absolutley useless, such a shame as it could have been such a good buy.

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    This company’s customer service is second to none! I did have trouble with the cooker from when I first got it. The seals kept breaking and steam and food would come shooting out of the sides while it was cooking. Once Cosori found out they sent me a replacement unit immediately which works fantastically.Their pro-active nature to customer service is really refreshing. There are a great many companies that could learn a lot from Cosori and how you should interact with your customers.

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