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KitchenCraft Microwave Rice Cooker, 1.5 L

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Originally established in 1850 by a gentleman named Thomas Plant we specialised in manufacturing and wholesale of ironmongery and household products. Many of our customers still refer to us as Thomas Plant and have dealt with us for decades reflecting our rich heritage. In 1996 we changed our…

3 reviews for "KitchenCraft Microwave Rice Cooker, 1.5 L"

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    Bought originally for our son as he has started to eat a lot more rice and he cooks his own meals. Husband wasn’t interested in using it as he preferred to cook rice on the hob. And nice results he had with the hob method.But now he uses this Rice Cooker! So easy & quick with easy wash up. He saw the results for himself and was impressed.The measuring cup makes it so easy to get the right amount of rice & water.Must mention: our son cooks his brown rice in this with the same results as white rice.It has a leaflet with measurements – it includes Orzo Pasta. But according to the cooking instructions on the Orzo Pasta packaging it does not recommend Microwave cooking…

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    I have been using this off and on for 18 months now and am happy with this product. Just follow the instructions on any rice packet and add the correct amount of water and put it in a microwave. You can tweak things (like adding a little more water for softer rice (refer to rice packaging again here or you practice)). It comes with a measuring cup and spatula and this is easy to use and easy to clean and does not scratch the inside container. With securing handles so you won’t have any accidental spillages, this even comes with a lid, that you can cover and put in the fridge. I however, just use the securing lid, place it in the fridge and have the rice the next day. I do this as it the box with lid stays put away and its easy and less cleaning as what do you do with the securing lid and the drip tray otherwise if you have to use the sealable lid? You can do what’s best for you, so it’s there if needed. Therefore, this product for the lowly price of £7.49 (what I paid) does the job and quite hassle free.I bought this in July 2013 for £7.49 and was selling for £6.99 at September 2016.

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    We love this also the style of the pot. On purchases you may think it’s a little small. However this little pot with excesseries are enough for 8 servings at least. Easy and simple to use with perfect results evey time. This replaced my old one of which I have had for many years. But this is far superior and dose an amazing job every time. Love it

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