Crock-Pot 1.8L Saute Rice Cooker Black

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1.8 litre Sauté Rice Cooker – ideal for 4 to 5 people; 3 settings – Sauté, cook and automatic keep warm feature; 10 Cup cooked rice capacity, Measuring Cup and Rice Paddle included; Removable non-stick pot and cord for easy cleaning and storage; Recipes included

3 reviews for "Crock-Pot 1.8L Saute Rice Cooker Black"

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    At first we weren’t sure about this because of 2 main reasons: (1) no water level measurements inside per cup of rice and (2) the LED lights while cooking are barely visible – ridiculous really. Looks nice, works well but let down buy these 2 factors. We couldn’t be bothered to return it, and have used it and got used to it. However we did keep the insert of our previous rice cooker which does have water level markings – so we use this to wash the rice and measure water level and then pour rice and water into this rice cooker. This also prevents the non-stick being damaged from washing the rice in the new rice cooker. Its a workaround that has worked for us.

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    I love it but my hubby is not too convinced. Yes the saute function though handy is a bit slow but love the fact you can do other rice type dishes instead of plain white rice. The cup is only 160ml but it is more than enough for 2-3 people if you follow their ratio of rice:water.Like the design, it actually sits quite nicely in the kitchen.

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    2 stars for the instructions that are just plain wrong, 4 stars for the item once you’ve sorted that out. One star deducted because of the massive steam vent, could easily be smaller.This was bought to replace our previous rice cooker which lasted 15 years and was used daily. First time I used the new one I followed the instructions and the water evaporated and the rice stuck to the bottom and wasn’t cooked. Luckily I switched it off before it burnt. The instructions require you to use less water than you’d use if you were cooking rice in a pan with a heavy lid and no steam vent. Try it with double the amount of water to rice (ie 2 cups of rice and 4 cups of water) and you’ll be OK.

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