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Lékué 1000 ml Rice and Grain Cooker, Green

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Cook fluffy rice and cereals in few minutes in the cleanest way in the microwave. Clean: The foam don’t come out and the microwave stays clean. Fast: No need to boil water first. Microwave and dishwasher-safe: Made of 100% Platinum Silicone and PBT plastic. Cutting-edge design: Designed after…

3 reviews for "Lékué 1000 ml Rice and Grain Cooker, Green"

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    Works exactly as described.Some things to consider though.Rinse the rice before cooking or you will get a very sticky rice.Consult the charts and times and consider those as nothing more than general guidance.I’ve had a good laugh at some of the people that have reviewed this product as they clearly have no common sense what so ever.My microwave is a 900watt model. The guidelines are based on an 800watt microwave.So I added slightly more water and ran for 1 min less. Worked almost perfectly. But I forgot to rinse the rice so it was a bit sticky.So you need to keep an eye on the results and I suggest stopping the microwave and carefully inspecting at least 3 mins before the microwave finishes. To see how it is progressing. You will need to experiment with common sense how long it takes and how much water you need to use for a given rice type. Then you will have your perfect setting. Also, depends on how you like your rice. I like it slightly over cooked.If you think you can just look at a chart, measure and switch on, you might be very disappointed. As some have found.

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    I have had this for just over a year and use it several times a week. It only took a couple of tries to get the rice/water/time combination exactly right and it now cooks perfect basmati rice every time. It is far more energy efficient than a pan of boiling water and as a bonus, my kitchen is no longer filled with steam. Excellent.For three average rice portions I use: 150g (equivalent to 3/4 of an American ‘cup’ measurement) of basmati rice (rinsed) and just slightly over 400ml of water. I cook it for ten minutes in a 750w microwave, then leave to stand for 3 minutes before rinsing the drained rice (there is usually very little water left) in a sieve.

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    Works fine, but after 8 months of use, a hole appeared in the side wall.The material just melted during use as normal in the (800W) micro wave!Got in touch with Lekue, who said I’ve to sort it out with Amazon.Avoid.

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