Zap Chef Microwave Rice Cooker

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The ZAP Chef microwaveable rice cooker cooks fluffy rice and cereals within minutes in the easiest and cleanest way possible.  The easy-to-follow instructions mean anyone, regardless of culinary expertise, can cook a variety of different sized portions to suit their needs. Just choose your…

3 reviews for "Zap Chef Microwave Rice Cooker"

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    Very pleased with this. First try with Basmati rice was a dismal failure as the recommended amount of water for long grain was not enough and produced a disc of dried rice.. Tried again. Proportions one volume of rice to two of water. Washed the rice in the internal perforated container with cold water and drained it well. Put container in external bowl and added the measured water. Lids on and clicked outer lid shut. Microwaved for recommended time and then left for 5 minutes. Fluffed with fork (and added a teaspoon of dessicated coconut) Perfect!

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    Wanted a microwaveable rice cooker with side handles so easy and safe to lift down from the microwave.This has the side handles and easy lock grey lid. Within is a green basket with a green removal lid.I tried 6 oz of long grain rice with 10 oz of water -set at 10 minutes on our 1000 watt microwave.As per instruction advice left it for 5 minutes.Opened container to find rice covering base which just required fluffing up with a fork.

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    I love this rice cooker. I bought the first one to use at work so I would not have to use microwave pouch rice. It cooks the rice perfectly, it tastes so much nicer than the rice in the pouches and I will soon be saving money as the cost of the rice is so much less. Also it is less messy to use than using a pan and the rice comes out better too so I bought this one for home. I’ve cooked pasta in it as well and am happy with that too.

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