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Aroma Mi 3 Cup (Cooked) (1.5 Cup Uncooked) Cool Touch Mini Rice Cooker, Blue (MRC-903BL)

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A meal for you or a meal for two? it’s minimalist. It’s mini. It’s mi. Have a meal with mi or invite a friend. Mi aroma mini rice cooker makes more than rice with one touch: white/Brown rice, cake, soup, pasta, omelets and so much more can be made in mi rice cooker with correct recipes! it’s…

3 reviews for "Aroma Mi 3 Cup (Cooked) (1.5 Cup Uncooked) Cool Touch Mini Rice Cooker, Blue (MRC-903BL)"

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    Even though Amazon had it listed as “ships in 1-2 months”, I ordered this one because it seemed to be exactly the size and style I wanted. I looked for other rice cookers, but none struck me as perfect for my kitchen like this one.Thankfully, it came in only a few weeks and I got to start using it right away!! So far, it’s as perfect as I thought it would be. I don’t have anyone else here in the house so I needed a very small one. Larger rice cookers always seem to burn such small amounts but my rice (which I wash with the Inomata rice bowl) came out perfectly in this. The timing was great too that in the time it took me to cut and cook my veggies, the rice was finished. It was perfectly tender without a burnt bit to be found.I sincerely hope it keeps performing this well for some time. So far, this is the happiest I’ve been with a product in a long time. It would break my heart if it started sucking.

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    I rinsed a 1/2 cup of white rice using the included cup, I added a 1/2 cup of water as measured on the cooking container, closed the lid and selected the white rice button. The rice cooker started and stopped about 20 minutes later and produced perfect rice. Just that simple, I Love it !!! The ability to perfectly cook a small quantity of rice and not have a ton of it left over is wonderful !!!

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    I own a 15-year old Zojirushi rice cooker that handles from 2-10 cups of dried rice, but now that there are only two of us, I always have leftover rice. Enter this petite Aroma Mi rice cooker that makes smaller amounts of rice just as well as my much more expensive cooker. At only 7.5″ high and 6″ in diameter, this rice cooker takes up hardly any space in my cupboard or on the counter.As with most rice cookers, the cup-size is NOT measurement cups, and instead you must use the supplied measuring cup which equals, roughly, 3/4 measurement cup. (It is slightly smaller than my Zojirushi cup, which is also less than 1 measuring cup.) Don’t lose the cup! The inside of the dark non-stick bowl has measurement lines for how much water to use; the lines can be difficult to see. With exact measurements of the maximum 1.5 cups of jasmine rice and the necessary water, the Mi cooker is filled to the top with fluffy rice. My first time, I left it on warm for an hour, and it emerged with no crust or dry spots. The cooking time is about 20-25 minutes. The nonstick bowl is not as nonstick as I’d like, but it’s still easy to clean.Even though this rice cooker says that it doesn’t cook just rice, it is limited by its size and lack of extra settings. The instruction booklet comes with two extra recipes, one for a pasta in tomato sauce and another for an omelette. Beyond that, you’re on your own. Even on the Aroma website, it doesn’t offer recipes specific to the small, no-frill cooker that has only two settings: cook and warm. If you want to make recipes beyond basic white rice and the two included recipes, expect to experiment. The instruction booklet has very few instructions. This product page says that the bowl is top-rack dishwasher-safe, yet nowhere in the booklet does Aroma address cleaning and care. I’ve deducted a half-star for the skimpy user guide.The lid locks into place during cooking and can stay locked when you lift the handles to carry it. Especially if you cook or warm soup in it, it would be a great appliance to take to work or school for a warm lunch. As far as I can tell, the plug is not removable, so you’ll have to wrap it around the handles when transporting, then plug it in at your destination.Note: If you have problems with the glutinous water bubbling up through the vents, add a little olive oil prior to cooking. I make jasmine rice almost exclusively, and it spits out this mess no matter how well I rinse the rice and no matter which type of rice cooker I use and no matter how little/how much I make. The oil keeps the bubbling down to a minimum.I’ve included photos with a coffee mug to give you an idea of its size.Especially for the price, this is an wonderful, reliable rice cooker that’s perfect for one or two. Except when I have company, I expect to use the Mi more ofter than I use my Zojirushi despite the better versatility of the Zoji. Most of the time, I just want my jasmine rice.– Debbie Lee Wesselmann

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