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Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker with Steamer, Red (004722-000-000)

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Make rice to the perfect fluffy consistency and steam vegetables to go with it using the Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker with Steamer. Featuring easy-to-use integrated one-touch controls, this easy-care rice cooker prepares up to six cups of perfectly cooked rice or grains, making it perfect for couples…

3 reviews for "Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker with Steamer, Red (004722-000-000)"

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    Have to say this is absolutely awesome. I bought it at discount price around 18 dollars. And it can be used to cook noodles, make rice, make soup, and even hot pot!

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    Update 6/17/17: I’ve now been using the rice cooker for 7 months, and it continues to work fine. I just do 2 cups of brown rice all the time. In addition to rice, I’ve found it convenient for cooking beans (pinto and black beans). I fill the bottom with about an inch of dry beans, let them soak in water for several hours with the cooker unplugged, and then add spices and let it cook through the regular cycle and then stay on the warm cycle another hours or two. There are 2 negatives: if you put in too much water, prepare for a big mess, and the bottom eventually gets stained with the strongly colored beans.Original review:I’ve now been using this little rice cooker for over a month, using it about 3 times a week, cooking 1, 2, or 3 cups of brown, white, or brown/white mix (using the “rice cooker cup that comes with it, which is 3/4cup). It’s much smaller than rice cookers I’ve used in the past, and barely can handle the 3 cups. I’ve been quite happy with it — the rice is great and it cleans up well. For the price and value, I have no complaints. I’ve found that adding a little more water and getting the rice right when it’s done (that is, don’t let it sit there warming too much) gives the best result. Now for the negatives I’ve found, things which you would expect from such an inexpensive item: 1) when making 3 cups (and sometimes 2) the liquid can climb out the vent hole leading to a messy lid and sometimes spills on the counter, 2) you have to plug and unplug the unit each time you use it or it seems to warm endlessly, and 3) if you let the cooker keep warming for too long after the rice is done, it will often leave brown overcooked rice mat sticking to the bottom. Since I rarely make 3 cups, (1) is not much of a problem, but I do find that (2) is annoying. Regarding (1), I’ve found that placing a little corn cob skewer in the vent helps limit the mess, perhaps by allowing liquid to drip back into the cooker — see the photo.

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    I LOVE IT! I was unsure after reading some of the comments about the lack of off switch or whatever, but I bought it anyway and I absolutely adore it!This little rice cooker is small enough for my tiny space in my kitchen, but big enough to do enough rice to feed our family of 6 using proper portions!The ability to cook veg on top is just awesome and so far i’ve tried carrots on their own and a stir fry, while cooking rice. The stir fry veggies came out amazing and tasted better than when actually stir fried and I cooked veggie bites (like chicken nuggets but full of brocoli etc) i the steamer, while rice was cooking, too!I’ve only had this thing for 2 days and already it is the most used “gadget” in my kitchen!The on and off switch is no big deal. It heats then turns to warm. When you are done, put your rice in a container, unplug, clean up, great!This little guy cleans up very easy with soap and water!The instructions tell you to stir rice a while into cooking and a paddle is provided for doing so, so you don’t need to worry about using metal utensils or anything like that!It says not to cook minute rice, and it says that brown rice takes longer. I actually tried brown minute rice our of curiousity and it cooked actually just the way I like it!For $18 this is a gem and you won’t be disappointed!

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