VonShef 1.8 Litre Rice Cooker 540W Power

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VonShef 1.8 Litre Rice Cooker 540W Power

3 reviews for "VonShef 1.8 Litre Rice Cooker 540W Power"

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    This is a very messy way to cook rice, and my wife hates it. Starchy steam bubbles out of the top every time you use it, and you end up having to clean the whole unit – interior container, lid, vent unit (which you have to remove and take apart to clean properly), outside, etc etc. In fact there’s also an inside part of the lid that looks rather dirty but you can’t access it. It’s quicker to wash up a saucepan, frankly. The only thing this does over a saucepan is keep rice hot.Yes, it works, but it is messy and annoying. I complained to the sellers. They hinted at a refund, then said no as the refund period had expired.I recommend spending more than £20 on a rice cooker. And asking your wife first for her opinion.June 2017 update – this now seems to be working fine and has stopped dribbling/being messy, so not sure what happened there. Anyway I have added two stars and would recommend persevering with this one – it may come good eventually!

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    I have used the vonshef 1.8 litre rice cooker for a few months now, and have to say so far so good. Fir an under £20 item it really does what it says. I do find that I have to put a little more water to cook the rice than my previous rice cooker, but its not an issue at all. Its easy to clean. The internal lid attachments can be easily detached for a thorough clean, as the steam and starch from the rice will create some built up underneath the inner lid. Its simple to use and quick to cook the rice. The only thing that I feel you have to be careful with is the lid. The hinge for the lid does not seem very robust, so I am careful not to let the lid spring back on opening, but gently let it open by putting a hand to support the action. Definitely recommend this. For me, the capacity looks enough to cook rice for 6 people. Nice size and looks good on the kitchen surface.

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    We have used this on several occasions and no matter how we try to vary the way we use it, we always get steam coming out and causing water to drain onto the work surface. The rice is always stuck to each other and not nearly as good as when cooked in a saucepan. We have always been able to produce good rice with a previous cheaper more basic cooker which sadly is no longer available – our previous one died after many years of good service. We have reverted to cooking rice in a saucepan and will keep looking for a better cooker.

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