Russell Hobbs Rice Cooker and Steamer 19750, 1.8 L – Silver

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The Russell Hobbs 19750 Rice Cooker and Steamer is an easy way to cook rice. With a 1.8 L capacity bowl, enough space to cook up to 10 cups of rice, it is useful for larger households who love to cook. The keep warm function allows you to keep your rice warm, ideal for those busy families who…

3 reviews for "Russell Hobbs Rice Cooker and Steamer 19750, 1.8 L – Silver"

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    My son suggested this cooker; he makes the rice and had been using a plastic Microwave type rice cooker. Although the plastic one was very good we decided perhaps better to dich it as we were concerned about the chemicals in the plastic when hot.This cooker is a good size. Would say you could easily cook enough rice for 5-6 hungry adults. We only cook for three & sometimes add some extra for the dog!What is amazing about this cooker is the fact no matter how much rice you cook it turns off automatically; no timing input to worry about. Just turn on, (wait till light tells you its ready), measure amount of rice with the cup provided add the water to match and that’s it. Even keeps the rice warm…

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    Received this and was really excited to think at last I was going to get perfectly cooked rice, sadly I was disappointed. The first problem is that it spits and splutters through the lid vent on to the worktop and surrounding area. Next, after the rice is cooked and it goes into warming mode the rice on the bottom is burned. I have tried adjusting water quantity but makes no difference and also I find one cup rice to one cup water is too dry for my taste, comes out relatively hard. Cannot he hassled into returning this so it will be going into the bin and back to my old saucepan. Avoid this cooker like the plague.

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    20th June, £20.00; 6 August £21.99. Realistic and balanced increase in price? Don’t think so. Worth the money? Yes, for both 1) volume of cooked contents and 2) versatility. Rice in the bottom, broccoli and julienne vegetable in the top tray, plus loose corn if you put a better deigned support tray in the top, cos the one supplied is far too open weave for corn… use aluminium foil tray insert to stop the corn ears falling through. Cooks frozen broccoli and julienne fresh carrots well./

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