Quest Rice Cooker, 0.8 Litre, 350 Watt

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The Benross Group, provider of quality items for your home and garden. From Quest comes the perfect appliance for cooking rice! It’s non-stick bowl means the rice is easy to remove once cooked and the bowl itself is easy to clean. Complete with measuring cup so you can ensure you cook the right…

3 reviews for "Quest Rice Cooker, 0.8 Litre, 350 Watt"

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    I have been using this little rice cooker for 3 months now – twice a week. What can I say except that I just can’t do without it. It’s tough – it survived a fall even before I first began using it (hubby knocked it off a high table). Despite a massive dent in the body (which we sort of bent back into place), the pot is an unfussy doer. You do have to watch this cooker off and on closer to the end time; unlike the sophisticated ones that temperature control to keep your rice warm this tends to harden the rice at the bottom. Please note – apart from the cook/warm switch in front, there is also an on/off power switch at the back, which I find very handy, as I just power off as soon as the front cook switch flips up to warm mode.The cooker is ideal for 2-3 people who are big eaters. At most I have cooked 3 measuring cups of raw brown basmati rice in it (= 9 cooked cups). I put a towel below the cooker, fully expecting it to froth over as past cookers have, because the water level was an inch below the lid. To my surprise that never happened – not a drop. But I don’t think I could cook more than 3 cups of raw rice.I bought this because my large 12-cup Tefal rice/slow cooker was a pain to use for two, heavy, taking up a lot of counter space, and a pain to clean the filter, etc. This is like the opposite of that. I am totally happy with this cooker and haven’t taken out my Tefal cooker in 3 months. That is now strictly reserved when cooking for large numbers.

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    The benefit of a ‘proper’ rice cooker for me is so that I can start the cooker and forget about it, no need to fiddle with microwave settings or worry about pans boiling dry, so paired with my slow cooker this works well. Loses a star because you still end up with rice that needs to be fluffed up at the end, especially if you have left it on the warm setting for 30 minutes. The only thing worth mentioning is that you have to rinse the rice thoroughly before using the cooker, otherwise you get a starchy white mess bubbling up through the steam vent in the lid. I usually have to rinse the rice about five times to prevent that from happening.

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    From other people’s reviews, I understood that the cooker keeps the rice warm for about 45 minutes. Wrong, this cooker does switch automatically to the warm state, and then stays like this until it’s turned off manually from the back button.First time I followed the instructions: 1 cup white rice with 1 cup water. Wrong, the rice was not fully cooked because was not enough water. So for 1 cup white rice, I added 1.5 cup water ( for 1 cup brown rice add 2 cups water ) and is perfectly cooked. Care with Jasmine organic rice as is making bubbles and cooks faster than any other white rice, so the cooker will not stop on time.The rice does stick at the bottom, but if you do not lift the lid while cooking and if the rice is left for another 15 minutes with the lid on after cooking, in warm mode, then the rice can be easily removed from the pan.However, I like it because I can boil rice, sausage and frozen vegetable altogether at the same time.

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